2019 TxDLA Annual Conference

March 25-28, 2019 | Galveston, Texas | Moody Gardens Hotel

In a thriving community, we share common goals and interests. We share a commitment to one another. Within a community we recognize that when any of us suffers, all suffer; when any are strengthened, the whole community is stronger. Thriving communities are contexts for growth, development, learning, creativity, innovation, and mastery. As Educators, Trainers and Leaders, we play an integral role in building the type of community that supports the needs of the global lifelong learner, and in turn strengthens the various communities that intersect and interact with our own.

The theme for the 2019 TxDLA Conference is “Building Community.” Through this we will consider the ways, means, benefits, and outcomes of intentionally fostering community in education, through collaborative relationships between organizations, and by deepening our connection to other communities  around us.

In support of this challenge, the 2019 TxDLA Conference features sessions and activities on innovations and trends in educational technology, system administration, cybersecurity, data analytics, PK-12, accessibility, and universal design. We will cultivate leadership and administrative skills through sessions on faculty and student support, educational outreach and workforce development, administration, research, leadership and policy.

The spirit of collaboration and mutual support we have long sought to foster within TxDLA is a key building block for community, and it represents precisely the type of community needed to confront and overcome many of the greatest challenges facing our society today. Join us, as we collaborate and support one another in Building Community.

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Featured Speakers


Tuesday, Marcy 26

Dr. Anabel Jensen


Wednesday, March 27

Will Bowen



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Formed in 1996, TxDLA is a nonprofit association promoting the development and application of all forms of distance learning and implementing effective distance learning strategies for Texans and other distance learning practitioners of the global community.